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Homelessness Program Features

Our program is based on Severe winter weather.

What homeless individuals need to survive in 
extreme cold weather conditions living outside
when shelters are at capacity and unavailable. 

1.    Water Proof and Wind Proof Pop-up tent that sets up in less then a minute and 
       tears down in less the 3 minutes. This tent is made of material that can with stand                                 rain storms and water repellent.

2.    Sleeping bag for extreme cold weather conditions that is water proof.

3.    Emergency Foil sleeping bag which can hold in at lease 90% of body heat. It can be inserted                into the cold weather sleeping bag for extra warmth in extreme cold weather.

4.    Emergency foil blanket to wrap ones self in on extreme cold days or use for extra                                   warmth at night

5.    Water proof military Back Pack to hold homeless individuals personnel belongings 
       and other needed products needed to survive in cold weather.

6.    Copy of Severe Weather Survival tips to help survive cold weather 

7.    A list of shelters for homeless in York, Pennsylvania

8.    A list of food kitchens available to homeless in York, Pa. Locations and times open

9.    A list of food banks where homeless can acquire free food. Locations and times open

10.  A list of places where homeless can acquire free clothing for both winter and                                         summer seasons.

11.  A list of Homeless organizations where homeless can seek help in York, Pa

12.  A list of day time code blue shelters to get out of the cold weather in York, Pa

13.  A list of emergency locations and phone numbers such as police, ambulance, etc.

14.  A list of homeless programs available in York, Pa.
According to the Homeless coalition, many homeless people are living in abandoned buildings, sheds, storage units, tents in the woods, cars, under bridges and/or elsewhere. There needs to be a way to help these unfortunate individuals and this is what we are striving to do. 

The number of people experiencing homelessness in York, according to the "point in time" count every January, has remained fairly consistent in recent years... 2017: 323 people 
                                                                              2018: 324 people 
                                                                              2019: 328 people 
In the state of Pennsylvania right now the homeless population is - 13,375 in 2023, 

In York, Pennsylvania Last year, on January 23, 2022, York County conducted its point-in time count, which identified that there were a total of 328 people residing in emergency shelters, transitional housing, or sleeping in an unsheltered location that night. That particular night there were 38 homeless that were unsheltered 

Homeless in York, Pennsylvania for 2023 so far is 358 with 97 homeless without any shelter.

Our office is to small to provide shelter for homeless but we are looking for a larger location in order to provide the extra shelter needed for homeless individuals. Usually, the shelters in York are always at their capacity and cannot take in other homeless which leaves homeless in the street or other locations that could endanger their lives. Our goal is to help with this homeless situation in York, Pennsylvania.

Your donations will help no matter how big or how small. Help us help these unfortunate individuals. You can go to our Donation Section and donate to our fund raiser.  Your donations will help us raise the $50,000.00 PLUS we need to help the homeless in York, Pennsylvania.

Our approach to helping homeless when no shelter is available is to provide the necessary supplies needed to survive extreme cold weather in the winter months. 

As much as we do not like letting homeless try to survive in outside winter conditions, there's not much we can do when shelters are at capacity other then provide the supplies needed to survive in extreme cold, but before we resort to our winter program we will exhaust all our shelter contacts to see if shelter is available. If we cannot locate any shelter to put a roof over a homeless persons head, we will turn to our winter program. We will then provide supplies to homeless with list that give locations of Code Blue locations to get in out of the cold during day time hours, A list of shelters in York, Pa., a list of Severe weather Survival tips and other needed information to help survive in the cold weather.

Below is a copy of our program based on Severe Winter Weather 
​This link will take you to more information about what Transology is trying to do to help the homeless.     Click here for more information about homeless
The York Office for Transgender Affairs and Homeless Services
Hours: 3 PM to 7 PM ( Mon - Fri )
32 North Queen Street
York, Pa 17403
Michael GreyFeather: 717-332-1247

Krystyna Mcilroy  717-318-3359
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Right now the below program is being tested and not operational as of yet 
but will be by the end of October. If your homeless and interested apply now ... Send request to .... .... for more information, Limited Supplies
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The Transology Association Inc. Presents our new Homeless Program
Connecting Hands of Care
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Connecting Hands of Care  Program

Our New program " Connecting Hands of Care " will begin February 2024 ... 
This program will provide free transportation to all Homeless individuals and Homeless families. 
We are in the process of acquiring a 14 passenger shuttle bus for this program.